I weave through the grasses and sagebrush walking along the ridge of the sandy butte in the high desert mountains of the Rio Grande Valley.

I have Divorced the Machine.

Year by year and step by step I have shifted my consciousness away from the assumptions and agreements of mainstream society in the United States.

You can always change your mind.

If you wish for your spirit to change then you have to ask yourself what it is that you were truly meant to be.  You must humble yourself and admit that it is possible that you have made many decisions based on erroneous assumptions and you humble yourself like a child.  Empty your cup and prepare to hollow your spiritual channel - sometimes bleed out the contents of your heart and then, lay down the mantle of suffering.

Then pick up a banner of hope.

That banner of hope is a signal to spirit that there is a child of light awakening.  Duly all of the assistance that you will need begins to appear.  Focus and your unspoken intention becomes the beat of your drum. 

So once you have agreed to change your mind you have to ask where are you going to and why.  The opening to spirit to allow in a higher point of view a more unified state of mind - characterized by less conflict and more harmony - can come down from above just like the eagle can see the ground below with a different perspective.

This in essence is the yoking, the intertwining process of binding the animal body through the mind to that higher consciousness you call down.  Nutrition, meditation, yoga, martial arts, gardening and much more will be a part of the practice of strengthening the body so that it may receive and make meaningful direction manifestation out of the messages from the light.

These are many possible paths to Divorce the Machine.

The Machine is essentially a program almost like a software that was made to harvest and monetize the natural resources of this planet.  Those resources have been translated into current see which has been placed like a monopoly in the hands of the few those who have often been involved in said harvesting are the wealthiest.  Others have gotten good at playing the game and though they are newcomers have been fairly successful because of the liberty allowed by this completely money driven system.  Money is truly the new god now that which we worship and pursue as a species (especially in the U.S.) above all other things.

In order to make it possible for us to fall into a deep enough sleep so as to allow these resources to be pillaged, a lot of war and violence and brutality was necessary.  

The violence which has been done on the human species and onto the Divine feminine our mother earth has been like a scratch a deep scratch onto a vinyl record.  We have some serious glitches and skips in our program both genetically energetically and emotionally.

Spirit or divine source does have the answers to your problems but often times one has to root down before sprouting up towards the spiritual.  The Machine has eaten away at our power on all levels  - mind, body and spirit.

It is time to empower ourselves by doing what we can right away - Change Your Mind!

The Machine has monopolized land ownership and convinced us that we are dependent on a petroleum based economy which lines the pockets of the few and trashes the planet.

The Machine has also led us to believe that we are powerless to change this and as we have all been pitted against one another and divided we have fallen into an apparent state of weakness.  

However, that is only an illusion, about to be dispelled by empowerment.

We actually do completely hold the power within our hands at this very moment to change everything.  The work of our hands to build gardens and feed ourselves locally with healthy nutritious food that has a positive impact on the environment - That is our power!

Divorce the Machine is always about doing first what you can do right now and not putting it off for another day.  Right now in any moment you can always change your mind by asking yourself those important questions about who you are and what you want to be  - what message you were brought here to deliver and what you really want out of your life. 

We can always dream a new dream.

I know for a fact that one can make new agreements and dream a new dream in a moment of inspiration  - grow and thrive and flourish, blossom and bear fruit because of the choice to change.

I believe that when they are speaking about the emergence of the Divine feminine this is what we are referring to…

The energy of the divine empress who sits in the middle of the garden - whose energy and love make everything live.  But this Divine feminine energy is not dominating over the masculine but rather, nourishing and providing beauty and delight for those who visit the Garden.  

I was trained by in the tradition of communing with nature in order to expand one's consciousness and so as one of those paths I have had opportunity to try a variety of plant medicine. 

Of course each plant medicine is different and has its own unique powers and characteristics.  

But perhaps the most powerful of all Medicine is the spontaneous and passionate decision to change one's mind and pursue a different fate.  There is no accounting for where such a passion comes from, but it is emerging readily through many human beings at this time.

Passionate desire to change is equally as powerful as any plant medicine on earth because everything always has to do with the intention of the participant anyway.

I will be walking you through a sequential step-by-step series of questions which are geared to shift your consciousness.  I'm going to ask you questions based on your dreams and love and needs that will help lead you to the treasure in your heart that will unlock your full power and you will be free from the Machine.   A plant medicine cannot make you change your mind, but if you have prayed to that plant medicine and asked it for its help and then you fight against it it may just be a difficult trip.  Same thing here.  

If you want to do it, just go ahead, drop your resistance, and believe.

You are probably here and reading this right now because you are a divine child of light - a spiritual warrior who has trained in many lifetimes in order to bear fruit right here, right now, at this special crossroads of time.  

Many generations before me as well as myself have held the oral tradition and knowledge of how to liberate your mind.  I am not the first, but I am a bridge of much capacity which can translate the consciousness of the ancient ones into meaningful lessons and dialogue and art.  Mainly I carry the knowledge of how to plug you into something greater than yourself so that you can become extremely successful in that special expression of creation which only you can bring to the symphony.  We are currently gathering the orchestra and tuning up the instruments, humming a little song and getting ready to play the symphony of the ages.  

The energies are in fact shifting and I can prove it because a great percentage of you will be able to elevate your consciousness to a place where you'll join a mind union with the rest of us who are holding space for divine intervention in our planetary crisis. 

Divine intervention will come through each and everyone of us.  

One thing that we can do over the Internet is certainly to drum and to do shamanic journeys - a little Vision Quest, as it were, to fish out pieces of our souls from the underworld (where we renegotiate contracts)  and to snatch the highest fruit from the tree of consciousness by journeying to the upper world (where we meet spiritual companions).  A drum journey is a powerful tool because it alA shamanic Drum journey can be done in 15 minutes and can have a meaningful impact that lasts for years. 
At the same time as we liberate your mind and spirit we will also be teaching little lessons about local food and our backyard Pyramid Installations.  Lush, chic, easy and healthy, these gardens are the centerpiece of any organic lifestyle!

Seed sovereignty and a local food production as well as community collaboration around agriculture and ceremony are going to be big themes and I believe we can help each other to organize at local levels in order to promote and highlight similar growth of networks across the country.  We are going to Divorce the Machine mind, body and spirit.  

Often times these things are most powerful and easiest when done in a sacred setting.

We will be creating classes on UDemy and also doing webinars frequently.  There will be bi- weekly blog posts and other interactive pieces on Facebook.  There will be an opportunity for us all to develop this material together, custom tailoring it to people's real-time needs - a living thing.

As we grow Divorce the Machine it will become a house or a doorway that holds up a structure so that you can enter more easily into your own expression of your own special purpose. lows you to connect personally with your own higher consciousness which is the gateway to the divine.

Along with the mind numbing depression of Nature deficit disorder I believe as Americans we also have a Human deficit disorder. We miss each other and much of the fabric of our family units has been torn so that we're all divided, single, units which were really meant (like a block and a wall) to go together to create something larger.

A block alone is not fulfilling its larger purpose of building a structure to celebrate creation.

It was foretold a long time ago that there would be a rebirth of the rainbow children the people of the honey and the heart the children of the light.  Though mainly I have heard this prophecy from different Native American tribes I think some of the Native American elders might have forgotten that they were to be expecting us to show up in all different shapes, sizes and colors, as we are the rainbow children of the light - the ancient ones reborn.

Spontaneous manifestations of higher consciousness are happening all over the planet based upon the need and the ability of people to reconnect to their divine consciousness.  It seems there are many teachers all over the world who are sharing and the knowledge of how to raise one's consciousness because there are so many seekers in DEMAND of it.  Eventually perhaps we will connect DTM with others across the country and across the world.   

We will have a Web of consciousness capable of things that we would have before called miracles.

That is where we are going because that is where we must go or perish.  We are birthing a new consciousness and though the baby maybe breach I believe that there is a good chance of it turning and being healthy creation under our attention and care.

Much love and light to you midwives and doctors of a new consciousness.